Last of the Knowers

Last of the Knowers

Available by: Late Spring of 2021

For most of his life, after The Fall, Jim had lived in the Container City around the great dam. Citizens lived under the constant surveillance of the enforcer drones and the “dog” armies they used to keep order. They moved from assigned quarters to assigned jobs, ate the food provided, and interacted as carefully as possible – They behaved as expected, or they disappeared. Jim, however, through all of that clung to his childhood memories of freedom, his father’s teachings, and the meals his mother had prepared for the family before he was the only one left. The rumors of what might be beyond the drone-patrolled boundaries of the Container City drove him to plan his escape – despite the authorities’ promise of certain death.

Morris 7.0

Available by: Late Summer of 2021

This book, Morris 7.0, is the story of Morris Uebelacker’s life as told to Jim Huckabay. It is the story of his rise to become one of America’s finest teachers and storytellers. It is the story of his near-complete brain and physical collapse, and the loss of his entire life as he had known it. It is the story of his years-long struggle to find a new, functional, wholeness. In this excerpt, he recalls one small episode in his efforts to create – to become – Morris 7.0…

The Zeb Chronicles

Available by: Winter of 2021-2022

Zeb first came around – appeared/materialized/you figure it out – in the late ‘70s. Over time, we had many conversations about humans and wildlife and nature and what a screwup I was. He always said he owed me. He loved sneaking up and startling me. This was one of those times…